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Mr. Woods Leather

Hello and thank you for checking out my page.  My name is Tommy and I’m proud to represent The Woods Camping Resort as Mr. Woods Leather 2022.

Check back here for upcoming events where I’ll be in attendance.  Hopefully I will see you at them as well!

2022 Woods Photo Calendar

Happy Holidays to my camping family & friends. Calendars are available now!
To buy your calendar please Venmo payment of $26 to @Thomas-Patitucci and in the comments please provide the mailing address. Should you need to pay via a different method, please contact me.
Thank you to all those who already purchased their calendar!  💙💙
All proceeds are going to Mr. and Ms. Woods Leathers charitable organizations which are Hyacinth and Trans Lifeline.
Thank you!

Charity fund raising is an important effort in my role as Mr. Woods Leather.  The generous guests at The Woods have graciously helped me and my fellow title holders in our efforts.

Please join me by learning how you can help Hyacinth.  Hyacinth is New Jersey’s largest and first HIV service provider, opened its doors in 1985, their mission was to help people dying of HIV/AIDS do so with dignity and support. What a difference 35 years makes! Today, because of welcome advances in medical treatment and what scientists know about HIV, they’re helping clients live full, healthy, and productive lives! Their mission is to help people live with HIV, stop the spread of the epidemic, and serve as a critical voice in the public debate surrounding AIDS in New Jersey.

Please visit them on Twitter and Facebook.


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Mr. Woods Leather 2022