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Hello and thank you for checking out my page.  My name is Donna and I’m proud to represent The Woods Camping Resort as Ms. Woods Leather 2020-2021.

Right now, you’ll find food donation boxes around the clubhouse area.  Please donate non-perishable items and I’ll give them to a mental health food bank.  Please consider doing this in your home town if you can’t bring anything to camp.

There are some ideas rolling through my head for fun events next camping season.  One that I’m looking forward to organizing a hanky code scavenger hunt!

Check back here for upcoming events where I’ll be in attendance.  Hopefully events will be returning soon!

Charity fund raising is an important effort in my role as Ms. Woods Leather.  The generous guests at The Woods have graciously helped me and my fellow title holders in our efforts.   

Please join me by learning how you can help By the Grace of George.

Click the graphic to the left to enter to win a Leather Pride Flag Quilt!

Every day, thousands of home bound elderly, sick, and disabled Americans most choose between feeding themselves, or feeding their pet.  Most choose their pet.  We don’t think anyone should have to make that choice.  With your help, we’ll make sure their pets are fed through community service organizations and direct outreach, all across America.  By The Grace of George, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3).


Reach out to me!

Ms. Woods Leather 2020-2021