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Seasonal Campsites at The Woods

So much fun, you don’t want to leave!

Please visit our RV’s & Campsites for sale page for a list of sites for sale.  If a perm site occupant decides to sell the property on their site, it will be listed on that page.

SEMI-PERM CAMPSITES:  This is a term many guests use, but it is not an official classification of campsites at The Woods.  Please see below for the different ways to camp seasonally at The Woods Camping Resort.

PERMANENT CAMPSITES:  We had a waiting list for these sites prior to constructing our expansion area a few years back and even after filling all the sites that were intended for perms, we still had over 100 people left on the list.  We do not have plans to construct additional perm sites, so we stopped adding people to our waiting list.  Our rate of 1 to 2 sites a year that are not renewed means it will be over 50 years before we reach the end of the current list.  Some perms decide to sell their items on their campsite and often that includes the right to “take over” that site as a new perm camper.  Before you agree to this, ask if they have been cleared by camp ownership to do that.  Or email Woody with questions.

FULL SEASON WEEKEND RESERVATION SITES:  Many regular Woods campers have offered to book the same site for the entire season.  So many, in fact, that we started this program with select sites.  We do not include all camp sites because that won’t leave enough sites for those who only plan a few visits per season.  If you would like to be notified when we offer these sites during the winter, fill out the form below.  Regular weekend rates apply.  There are no discounts for this program and storage fees are not included.  Prior season program participants get first right of renewal.  The program is not transferable if you sell your camping equipment.

FIELD PERMS:  There are a number of Woods campers who utilize our field camping areas.  These sites include electric and potable water in the rows at the bottom of the center field and along Diversity Way and pay one price for all nights of the camping season.  If you want to be considered for this type of site, fill out the form below.

FULL SEASON WEEKEND OVERFLOW RESERVATION SITES:  Some Woods campers really enjoy the environment of the overflow field.  Consistent guests may be allowed to keep their camper in the same spot for the entire season.  Storage fees are additional with this option.  Interested in this program?  Fill out the form below.  Indicate in the notes which Overflow Area you want to be in.

Each season, we collect the interest that is submitted and reach out if sites become available.
This occurs January-February.
If there is more interest than sites, then a random lottery is conducted.


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