Anti-Racism Efforts

Woods Deer
We created The Woods Campground to be inclusive to everyone from day one. We are proud that all guests, no matter of age, gender, gender expression, self-identity, sexual orientation, skin color, national origin, religion, political beliefs, or disability can feel welcome at our facilities.

Our team of employees has also been built with this same consideration.

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Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Efforts

The Woods Campground has rules and policies to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests. Adherence to these rules, including non-discrimination against any person or group, is an expectation of all guests and employees.  Racism and discrimination have no place at The Woods Campground.  All guests are expected to treat each other as equals.  Any guest who fails to comply with this policy is not welcome.  No symbols of hate, discrimination, or racism are allowed.  Confederate flags, Nazi swastikas, or any other supremacist symbols are prohibited.  Political signs are prohibited.

The violation of rules is handled appropriately based on severity and repetition.  The Woods Camping Resort has incident reports available from Guest Services for any occurrence on the property.  These reports are reviewed weekly by campground ownership so we are aware of any violations and the actions that were taken.  Additional action may take place for severe violations.

The owners of The Woods Camping Resort stand committed to this work to make our facility, website and social media feeds discrimination-free and anti-racist places.  Our eyes and ears are open to improving the experience for all our guests.  If you experience racism, discrimination or are mistreated in any way at The Woods Camping Resort or on our social media pages, we encourage you to contact our team directly and immediately.  Your report will be reviewed, and swift action will take place.  The complaint will be reviewed with the person who has been reported so they are fully aware of their violation.  The punishment may be expulsion from the resort and an irreversible revocation of membership. 

The key to improvement is the reporting of violations.  Confidentiality will be maintained if you so choose.  Guests should not fear retaliation by anyone for their report.  That in itself is a violation that will be punishable in the same manner as described above.

To make a report, please go to the Guest Services desk and ask for a manager.  You can also call 610-377-9577 or send an email to 

We don’t want to just talk about being inclusive.  We are actively adjusting systems, structures, and policies to increase equity.  We proudly fly the progressive pride flag as shown on this page.  Your input is always welcome and can be provided in the same manner as mentioned above.