Online Reservation Tips

Woods Deer
Prepare ahead of the annual launch.

Log into your account well before, not the morning of reservations. 

You may have questions forgot your password or discover you have multiple accounts in our system!


  • Clear your history and cache.  Every season, we make enhancements to our system.  It’s always a good idea to start with a fresh presentation of our website.
  • Website sluggish?  This is to be expected.  The website will be slow due to the level of users.  We have expanded our server to MAXIMUM capacity for the launch but you still may experience a slow connection or connection spin.  Clicking refresh may help but do not click continuously – that will only add to this congestion!
  • Study our map (print it out) and review our site descriptions online so you know the site amenities, size and recommended RV type.  We will not refund if your RV does not fit on a site.
  • Know the amenities you want on your site and what else you’ll accept if your ideal site is not available.  Once you put in your arrival date and number of nights, ALL available sites will appear listing their amenities!  Choose quickly because the same sites are likely displayed on another person’s screen too!
  • Be sure to have the complete contact information for all the people on your reservation.
  • If you plan ahead, you won’t have to type in your guest’s information on your reservations.  Populate them instantly using the “My Camping Family” tool!  Here’s a video tutorial.
  • Same address? If your guests share an address, we have convenient click boxes to easily copy an address and populate the address fields.
  • Don’t Give Up! If you don’t get the site or weekend you want, try again!  If another guest changes their mind or realizes a mistake, a site may become available again.  Every season, we’re contacted by guests who accidentally double book weekends so we often have sites to offer to our waiting list.
  • We advise you to complete each reservation separately.  Even though we’ve been told the tool to add additional reservations can handle opening day site traffic, we know no way to duplicate the demand of opening day reservations to test it.  Please pay after each reservation and then go back in to reserve your next one.
  • It is not necessary to add your guests during the rush of the Online Reservation launch.  You can always add them later by sending their information to us using this form.
  • If you’ve been to The Woods, then you have an account already. If this is the case, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!  If you don’t recall your ID#, you can use your email address.  If you forgot your password, use the link to create a new one or just email us to reset it.  Do not do this minutes prior to the launch!
  • The person making reservations must have an account with our system where your valid credit card information is securely stored with us to process payment very easily – now and in the future.   You can load multiple cards to ensure you have a quick way to change payment in the event your initial card gets declined.  Don’t have an account?  Create one here.
  • Log into your account prior to picking dates.  You’ll save precious time because you’ll have to log in anyway when it comes time to settle up.
  • If you have Resort Credit, our system will offer to use that as your initial payment and charge the balance to your credit card.  Read this tutorial tip to review this process.
  • We do not accept checks as payment online.
  • Full payment will be required at the time of your reservation.
  • Many of you have guests joining you the day after you arrive.  During the reservation process, you can easily tell us who will be registered on which days. Read this tutorial tip to review this process.
  • Our waiting list system sorts based on the time stamp of when the request was made. We will offer available sites in the order of when you added yourself.  To assure your listings are accurate, you can review, edit or delete your waiting list listings by logging into your account.
  • Flex Rate Pricing. You will see an option when reserving online to choose our Flex Pricing.  This pricing is higher than our standard rates but comes with the ability to book your campsites with the flexibility to receive a no-questions-asked refund.  Normal cancellation policy time frames and terms will be enforced.
  • Prior to finalizing your reservations, you will see a confirmation screen listing your camping dates, camper names, and charges.  You will also automatically receive a receipt emailed to you for each of your reservations.  If you need a confirmation later, just log into your account and choose the RESERVATIONS link.
  • Log into your account and review your reservations. Choose the RESERVATIONS link.  Look at your dates and hover over your listing to see the names registered for that reservation.
  • Do you need to add or delete people from your reservation?  Tell us HERE and we’ll be happy to do this for you.
  • Did you or your camping partners create duplicates? Do you have multiple sites during the same camping period?  Let us know ASAP.  An immediate notification will be considered a mistake and fixes for these may result in a refund even if you didn’t book with Flex Rate.
  • Contact us immediately if the dates are wrong, the site # is wrong, or if you intended to have more or fewer people on that reservation.
  • Once you click RESERVATIONS, you will also see a link for your Waiting List entries.  Please review your waiting list entries. You can edit or delete them as needed.

If you’ve made a reservation and need to add or remove guests on that reservation, you just need to let us know.  This instruction must come from the primary camper – the one who created/paid for the reservation initially.  Do this by using this form.

Best practices:

  • All guests should have an account in our system. If they don’t, one can be created here.  If they have been to The Woods in the past, they have an account.  Do not create a duplicate.
  • Send us the names of the folks you want added or deleted on each reservation. 
  • Actual membership does not occur until check-in so make sure everyone has their complete account up to date and they bring their membership card (if they were granted one) or driver’s license.
  • 15+ days prior to arrival: 90% refund* or credit of deposit towards another date in the same season.
  • 8-14 days prior to arrival: 50% refund* or credit of deposit towards another date in the same season.
  • 7 days or less will forfeit your deposit. No shows will affect future reservation privileges.
  • Flex rate follows the same cancellation timelines as regular rate.
  • Note:  Weather forecasts, changes in your job, available days off, weddings, funerals, community health scares, personal health, or family situations do not warrant an exception to our policy.  Consider our flex pricing* to reduce any risk from unexpected circumstances.
  • The transfer of a reservation to another person is possible with a $15 administrative fee.  Use this form to transfer your reservation.

*A refund will only be issued if the reservation was made with our flex pricing rate.  The calculation is +15%

On launch day, there are hundreds of people all trying to get campsites and cabins.  Many want the same site you do!  Often, that means you’ll receive a message during the process that another person reserved the same site that you were attempting to book!  How can that be?  Didn’t the system save the site for you?!?

Here is the booking process…

  1. A guest searches for an arrival date and the type of site and amenities they’re seeking.
  2. Our system will offer all available sites that meet all criteria and also those that don’t.
  3. The guest then chooses a site from the list and views the site’s amenities, the types of camping equipment compatible with the site, and the cost.  Choosing the site # does not lock it for you and keep others from choosing the same site.
  4. If everything looks right, you choose “Reserve.”
  5. Once “Reserve” is chosen, then we will lock this site through the following pages –> Camper info and Additional camper page –> Invoice page –> Thank you page when your payment is successful.

NOTE: On each step, we also check whether selected site is locked (selected by another person) or not.  If so, you will be notified.

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