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The Leather Community at The Woods

The Leather community is prominent at The Woods throughout the entire camping season and is especially celebrated during our three Leather themed weekends!

Mission Statement

The Leather community plans, organizes and executes Leather activities and social events at The Woods Camping Resort by:

  • Fostering a safe and ethical environment where Woods campers can network, be exposed to and engage in activities within the Leather lifestyle.
  • Creating an inclusive environment where guests can explore and learn more about their sexuality, kinks and fetishes.
  • Promoting an accepting, respective and positive environment to enhance campers individuality at The Woods Camping Resort.

Woods Leather Title Holder COmpetition

Each year during the Leather 3 weekend, a competition is held to determine the new Mr./Ms. Woods Leather and Woods Leather Pup.  Winners then represent The Woods Camping Resort…

2024 Leather Titleholders
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What to expect on Leather Weekends

Leather Weekends at The Woods offer a variety of events to engage guests who are new to the leather scene as well as guests who have been part of the leather community for years. We have several regional vendors displaying and selling their gear, leather 101 classes and kink demonstrations, BBQ and cigar socials, motorcycle runs, as well as a kink party on Friday and Saturday nights.

Guests can expect to see men and women in leather and other fetish gear including harnesses, chaps, jock straps, kilts, and full leather formal attire. Guests are highly encouraged to wear leather and/or fetish gear to all designated leather events. Additionally, guests should pay close attention to the rules posted at the Kink party and office, to ensure inclusion, safety, and respect all of attendees.

The Leather Planning Committee organizes and hosts each of the three leather weekends, culminating in the Woods Leather title holder contests during the third leather weekend. We look forward to welcoming you to leather at The Woods.

The Woods Leather Committee

The Leather culture at The Woods is vast and the events are numerous!  We have a committee of dedicated members who organize and produce the events throughout the camping season.  These members assure the basic fundamentals of the leather culture are prominent in each event.

Committee Members:

  • Tim Maruska, Chair
  • Tommy Patitucci, Treasurer
  • Jess Harris, Secretary
  • Rodney Altemose
  • Todd Apple
  • Don Sarver
  • Anthony Cruciata
  • Brian Switzer
  • Rusty Carmody
  • Kim Simpson
  • Dale Varga
  • Steve Dexter
Leather Workshops

During Leather weekends at The Woods, you have the ability to expand your knowledge and understanding if this culture.  Our event organizers arrange a number of workshops covering a variety of topics which may include:

Introduction to Leather: This workshop provides an overview of the history and significance of leather culture in the gay community. It covers topics such as the origins of leather culture, its symbolism, and its evolution over time.

Leather Gear 101: This workshop focuses on the different types of leather gear commonly used in the community, such as harnesses, chaps, vests, and boots. Participants will learn about the materials used, how to care for their gear, and how to incorporate it into their personal style.

BDSM and Leather: This workshop explores the intersection of leather culture and BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism). It covers topics such as power dynamics, consent, negotiation, and safe practices within the leather community.

Leather Play Techniques: These workshops provide hands-on demonstrations and instruction on various leather play techniques, such as flogging, spanking, and sensory play. Participants will learn about different types of impact toys, safety considerations, and how to create a consensual and enjoyable play experience.

Leather Community and Activism: This workshop will delve into the role of the leather community in activism and social change. It will discuss historical events, such as the Stonewall riots, and how leather culture has been a platform for advocacy and visibility within the LGBTQ+ community.

The Leather Culture

The leather culture in the gay community is a subculture that emerged in the mid-20th century. It is characterized by a strong focus on leather clothing, accessories, and BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) practices. Leather enthusiasts at The Woods enjoy expressing their shared interests with others by engaging in various activities throughout the camping season.

The leather culture has its roots in the gay motorcycle clubs of the 1950s and 1960s, where leather gear was worn for practical purposes, such as protection while riding motorcycles. Over time, it evolved into a distinct subculture with its own set of values, rituals, and aesthetics.

Within the leather community, there is a strong emphasis on consent, respect, and personal empowerment. Many leather enthusiasts engage in BDSM activities, which can range from mild to intense, depending on individual preferences. These activities often involve power dynamics, role-playing, and the use of various tools and equipment, such as restraints, whips, and paddles.

It’s important to note that the leather culture is not limited to the gay community, as people of all sexual orientations can participate and identify with this subculture. The leather community also extends beyond physical spaces, with online communities and events playing a significant role in connecting leather enthusiasts from around the world.

Play Space Rules
  • For the safety of our guests, open toed shoes are not allowed.
  • Leather/Fetish Gear strongly encouraged but is not mandatory.
  • House safe word is RED.
  • Be respectful of other people’s kinks.
  • All activities require the consent of all parties.
  • Safety Monitor’s word is final.
  • Safety Monitors can stop any play if necessary.
  • DO NOT interrupt or join any play without the permission of all those involved.
  • Please be aware of your surroundings in the play space.
  • Keep conversation quiet when close to those playing.
  • Please do NOT leave any toys or personal belongings on equipment you are not using immediately.
  • Please make sure to clean up your area surrounding equipment and wipe down equipment after using it.
  • This is a sex positive event.
  • Pay for play is not permitted.
  • Illegal drugs are NOT permitted.
  • Be aware of mixing prescription drugs and/or alcohol with Poppers.
  • Be aware of others in need of assistance.
  • Please consume alcohol responsibly.
  • Please keep Watersports in the designated play space.
Contact us

Our email address is LeatherAtTheWoods@gmail.com

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Titleholder's charity work

Each titleholder selects a charity for which to raise funds during their title year.

  • Mr. Woods Leather, Brian Switzer, is raising funds for the Mazzoni Center.
  • Ms. Woods Leather, Jordyn Lorentz, is raising funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • Woods Pup, Russell Carmody, is raising funds for Leather Heart of The Woods.
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Mr. Woods Leather Title Holders

Year            Mr.                                                   

2005            CJ Smith
2006            CJ Smith
2007            German Gomez
2008            ?
2009            ?
2010            Bob Beam
2011             Brent Satterly
2012            Fred Collins
2013            Arne Grandell
2014            Jim Bennett
2015            David Baker
2016            Chuck Widdoes
2017            Todd Apple
2018            Erich Bailey
2019            Matt Honicker
2020            Rodney Altemose
2021             Rodney Altemose
2022            Tommy Patitucci
2023            Glenn Marek-Ramos
2024            Brian Switzer

Ms. Woods Title Holders

Year            Ms.                                                   
2005            Dawn McDermott
2006            Dawn McDermott
2007            Linda Oudheudsden Morgan
2008            ?
2009            ?
2010           Crystal George
2011            Toni Solenne
2012            Donna Simpson
2013            Kim Simpson
2014            Alicia Szabo
2015            Shannon
2016            Lady Desire
2017            Alyssa Durnien
2018            Jeanine D’Andreas
2019            Mar
2020            Donna Simpson
2021             Donna Simpson
2022            – stepped down –
2023            Jessica Harris
2024            Jordyn Lorentz

Woods Pup Title Holders

Year            Pup                                           
2013        The Pup Title began
2014        with the 2023 competition
2024            Russ “Rusty” Carmody

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