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Hiking Trails at The Woods Camping Resort

Explore the natural side of The Woods!

Hiking at The Woods Camping Resort is a great way to enjoy nature.  The Woods has close to 3 miles of hiking trails which wind around our lake, streams, forests, fields and campsites.  Our trails vary from easy flat paths to more challenging inclines.  Do not stray off our trails because you may end up on a neighboring property.

Our top trails map is color coded and trail markers match those colors.  Just look for the small colored arrows at intersections.
For guests with difficulty deciphering colors, we also have alpha labels on the trail markers as indicated on the bottom trails map.

Guests with bicycles or registered golf carts can also enjoy some of our trails.  Please stay off narrow and steep trails.  Do not blaze your own trails - it confuses hikers who are unfamiliar with our trail system.

For those true naturists, remember that all trails at The Woods are perfect for you although proper footwear is highly recommended. 

Please help keep our trails maintained.  If you see a branch has fallen onto the trail, just toss it aside.  If it requires work from our maintenance crew, please alert Guest Services.  Please do not leave trash or cigarette butts on our trails.  We have butt and trash cans in some areas.   Consider bringing along a bag to collect the trash of inconsiderate guests.

Hiking questions or suggestions?  Please contact Woody.


Hiking by yourself is a great way to enjoy the natural surrounds of The Woods.  But hiking with a group is a great way to meet other nature loving folks.  Throughout the camping season, we schedule a number of group hikes.  You can see the current season’s schedule here.