Add/Remove Reservation Guests

Edit Guests on your reservation

If you’d like to edit the people on your reservation, our Guest Services team can take care of that for you.

Guests that you want to add MUST have an account in our system.  If they’ve been to The Woods, they have an account.  If any are new and need to create an account, that can be accomplished here.

📌 For most reservations (other than overflow), the second camper is included in the initial price.  Additional guests after the first two will be charged an additional fee.  Use the Camping Fees Calculator button to determine costs.

Please use this form to edit the guests on your reservation.

Can my guests arrive prior to me?

As long as they are on the reservation, we do not have any requirements who needs to arrive first.

Do my guests have to stay the entire length of my reservation?

No, they don’t.  They can arrive on days after your initial arrival date, but they cannot leave prior to the minimum nights for the period you booked*.  You can assign the nights each guest will be staying.  Just use the Notes section on the bottom of the form.

*They can leave, but they will not get refunded for the nights they aren’t at camp.

I have a cabin. Can my guests tent outside?

Yes, each cabin has limited yard space to erect a tent.  Only one vehicle can park at the cabin.

Can my guests have their own RV on my site?

Yes, if the site is large enough to fit more than one RV.  You can see site descriptions here to see the vehicle area.  Please be conscious not to overload the electric as a result of the additional RV.