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Guidelines for those renting an RV

There are a variety of websites where you can rent an RV from private owners who are not using their unit in between their own camping adventures.

It’s a great option for Woods guests who do not own their own camping equipment.

The owners of these RV’s will often deliver, setup and pick up their RV as part of the rental service.  Here is information to provide to them:

  • If you are renting an RV that will be delivered for your use, contact Guest Services to alert us so we can mark this on your reservation.
  • Check-out time at The Woods is 12:00 noon.  Check-in time is 3:00pm.  Often a campsite is available for setup prior to noon if the previous occupants left early or if nobody booked the campsite the night prior to your arrival.
  • You or the RV owner can contact Guest Services to learn whether the campsite has occupants checking out the day you are checking in.  It’s best to ask within a day or two of your check-in day.
  • If the RV is being delivered, the driver must stop at Guest Services to check-in and announce their intention to drop off and set up the unit.  We will guide them to the campsite you reserved.  The same goes for pick up on the check-out day.
  • If necessary, The Woods has access to potable water and a dump station for use by the RV owner.  Use of the dump station is restricted to the resulting use of the RV at The Woods Camping Resort.
  • Warning:  It’s a good idea to warn the RV owner that The Woods is a clothing optional facility for adults 18+.   They will likely see nude guests in their visit.  For this reason, anyone under 18 should not accompany them during delivery or pickup.