Waiting List

How will you contact me?

We may reach out to you using different methods.  Our primary method will be via email.  We may also call or text you.

To assure you receive our emails, you need to prevent them from going to your junk or spam folders.  Adding The Woods as a contact or on a safe senders list is the best method.  You should add info@TheWoods.camp and info@TheWoodsCampground.com.

Choose your email program to learn how:

Outlook tutorial                     Yahoo tutorial
GMail tutorial
AOL tutorial                          Other email programs

If your email program is not listed, learn how by searching for it by name.

How do i get put on the waiting list?

Adding yourself to the waiting list is easily done during the reservation process.  If what you’re seeking is not available, there is a box to choose which will easily add you.  You’ll see a confirmation message indicating your addition was successful.

Tip:  Be sure the equipment you choose is accurate and even though it’s not required, choosing the amenities you’re seeking is a good idea because this information travels with your waiting list entry.

Here is a tutorial about adding yourself to the waiting list.

Anyone from Guest Services can also add you to the waiting list as long as you have an account in our system.

AM I on the waiting list?

This is information that is readily available to every member.  All you need to do is log into your Woods account.

Once you’re logged in, choose “My Account” > “Reservations” and then “Waiting List.”  You’ll see every listing you have as well as the ability to edit and delete each listing.

How many people are before me on the waiting list?

Sorry, we don’t provide this information.  Any answer we give to this questions is not accurate – especially for camping dates weeks or months ahead.

Just because someone is listed above you doesn’t mean they’re reducing your chance of being called.  Consider this:

  • Most people we contact do not reply or are no longer interested in the camping dates.
  • People above you may already have plans to camp with others who have not yet added them.
  • People above you may be more particular of the site they will accept.
  • People above you may have a history of not responding and may not qualify for further offerings.
  • The Guest Service team member you ask is not assigned to the Waiting List and is unaware of the current pending offers.
I have a site but I'm keeping my waiting list entry for friends. Is this okay?

Waiting list entries are only for the person who is assigned to it.  Saving your listing for someone else is prohibited.  If you have a site on the dates of your listing, you should delete your listing. 

I booked a site, but it's not what I really want. Can I have a waiting list entry to be upgraded if something becomes available?

Yes, this is fine.  It’s always helpful to include this information in your notes.

Ex. “I am booked in the tent grove but would prefer a cabin.”

Can I have multiple listings for the same dates?

The answer is Yes and No.

Yes – if you are flexible with your camping equipment.  For example, you have a popup but would be okay using your tent too.  So you have a listing for each.
Or, you’d like any type of rental we have, so you list yourself for both a Cabin and a Tiny Home.

No – please don’t submit multiple listings for different equipment you don’t have.  We have seen the same person submit for a Class A, a 5th wheel, a pop-up and a tent.

Our system will prevent you from submitting a listing that duplicates one you already have.  It will alert you that your request is already on file.

What is that red triangle next to my listing? 🚩

The waiting list process requires action from you as well as our Guest Services team.  When we offer a site, we’d like a reply – either a YES or NO.  Ignoring the request or just failing to check your email within our 48 hour turnaround time request will cause red flags 🚩to be assigned to your waiting list entries.  The more red flags, the less likely we’ll be in offering you future openings.  

Please delete listings you don’t want anymore and/or edit the listings you want to keep to add information like the minimum amenities or site #’s you’ll accept or other useful information in the notes field.