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RV’S & Campsites For Sale

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If you would like to have your RV or campsite listed on this page, email Woody with a brief description and a link to where you have the RV listed.  Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are the most popular sites to list your unit for sale. 

This method is best because you will also reach potential buyers beyond fellow Woods guests.

RV’s & Perm Campsites For Sale

Perm site

Best Practices

  • Provide a complete description with year, make, and model.
  • Describe any extra options beyond the standard model.  Also, list any enhancements you’ve done to the unit.
  • Be honest about damage or work required.  Your temporary fix may not be satisfactory to the buyer.  But some buyers like a DIY project.
  • Look for comps.  See what others are asking elsewhere for your identical RV.  This will help as a backup to justify your price.
  • Include lots of photos.  And clean up the background in your photos.  Make your bed!  Pick up your undies!  Vacuum your carpet!  Wash the exterior!
  • Is your camper on a seasonal campsite? 
  • Be sure to indicate whether purchase also includes the rights to that campsite.  Always check with campground management whether this is possible.
  • Create a listing for your RV on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and we can simply link it from this page.  This expands your selling opportunity beyond just The Woods.

How much is my RV worth?

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RV’s and Campsites for sale:

Individual campers that are for sale are usually parked under the high power lines at The Woods.

At this time, no Perm Sites are for sale at The Woods.