Golf Carts

Woods Deer

Golf cart use at The Woods is a fun and convenient way to get around the resort.  Both Perm campers and transient guests are permitted to use their carts following our important safety precautions.

Seasonal registration costs $30 per cart.
A one time visit registration cost is $10 per cart.


If you want to use your golf cart at The Woods, it must be registered and insured.  A Woods Campground permit sticker is required.  Please click the appropriate registration form below, fill it out and send using the submission form below (a scan or a clear photo is adequate).  Or drop it off at Guest Services.  You must also provide proof of insurance showing the coverage period.  That can also be sent using the form below.

Safety is of utmost importance when operating your golf cart at The Woods.  Obeying camp road speed limits is extremely important!  Since many carts do not have speedometers, we suggest you download one of the many GPS enabled speed indicator apps.  In addition, all cart operators without an OEM speedometer are required to take part in low speed acquisition training each season.  These are scheduled in May or to arrange this training after that period, email Woody

Excessive speeding will result in fines and/or the loss of golf cart privileges.  Also, passengers are limited to the number of properly installed seats. Front and rear lights are required for night use.  Do NOT drive while intoxicated.  Keep your cart secure.  You will be held fully responsible for the action of all drivers of your golf cart (authorized or not).

Seasonal registration costs $30 per cart.
A one time visit registration cost is $10 per cart.

Driving golf cart

golf cart registration forms

Please pick the appropriate form below and send to us using the submission form.

Guest Golf Cart Permit
Perm Gold Cart Permit