Transfer a Reservation

Transferring a Reservation

The transfer of a reservation to another person is possible with a $15 administrative fee.  The exchange of camping fees is between the parties of the transfer.  (Venmo, Zelle, etc). 

You cannot charge more than you paid.

If you want to advertise your site availability, we recommend you use The Woods Camping Resort Camping Buddies group on Facebook.


Do not send anyone payment until you verify they actually have the site reserved and if so, how much they paid towards it.

To verify, send an email to with all parties cc’d asking for verification.  

Do we valet your trailer?

If you transfer a site that has a trailer valet service associated with it, please be sure to alert us that the reservation has been cancelled.  We valet RV’s days in advance, so if your transfer occurs just prior to your original arrival date, it may be too late to cancel your valet charges.