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Do I have to be a member?

Yes, because we’re a clothing-optional facility in the USA, you must be a member to visit or stay at The Woods Camping Resort.  To become a member, you must create an account in our system.  Guest Services will use that account to finalize your membership during your initial check-in each season.

How do I get a membership?

Making an account in our database is the first step of becoming a member. This is accomplished by clicking the Reservations dropdown option “Create an Account.”  You can bypass the credit card registration, but please make sure all other fields are completed. Otherwise, we’ll have to take the time to complete this process upon check-in which will delay your registration. When you arrive to camp, Guest Services will present your membership form and charge you for the membership.  Membership rates are posted at the top of our Rates page.  A valid government issued photo ID is mandatory. The Woods Campground has two options for memberships: A full season membership which expires on the last day of the current camping season or a 7 consecutive day temporary membership for guests who aren’t planning a return visit in the current camping season.

I was a member in the past. Do I need to renew it this season?

A new membership is required each season. Keep your membership card!  Your membership card and member ID# remain the same forever, but a new membership form needs to be signed each season.

How do I get added to your waiting list?

REGULAR CAMPSITES:  Campsites at The Woods get reserved quickly once our annual online reservation system launches in early March.  Weekends often sell out, after which your only options are camping in our overflow fields or getting added to our waiting list.  You can add yourself to our waiting list during the online reservation process.  If the site amenities you’re seeking are not available, choose the green button “Add me to Waiting List.”  You can also ask Guest Services to add you, but you must have an account in our system so we have the means to communicate with you if a site becomes available.

PERMANENT / SEASONAL CAMPSITES:  We had a waiting list for these sites prior to constructing our expansion area a few years back and even after filling all the sites that were intended for perms, we still had over 100 people left on the list.  We do not have plans to construct additional perm sites, so we stopped adding people to our waiting list.  Our rate of 1 to 2 sites a year that are not renewed means it will be over 50 years before we reach the end of the current list.  Some perms decide to sell their items on their campsite and often that includes the right to “take over” that site as a new perm camper.  Before you agree to this, ask if they have been cleared by camp ownership to do that.  Or email Woody with questions.

FULL SEASON WEEKEND RESERVATION SITES:  Many regular Woods campers have offered to book the same site for the entire season.  So many, in fact, that we started a this program with select sites.  We do not include all camp sites because that won’t leave enough sites for those who only plan a few visits per season.  If you would like to be notified when we offer these sites during the winter, send an email to Woody.  Regular weekend rates apply.  There are no discounts for this program and storage fees are not included.  Prior season program participants get first right of renewal.  The program is not transferable if you sell your camping equipment.

FIELD PERMS:  There are a number of Woods campers who utilize our field camping areas.  These sites include electric and potable water in the rows at the bottom of the center field and along Diversity Way and pay one price for all nights of the camping season.  If you want to be considered for this type of site, email Woody

OVERFLOW PERMS:  Some Woods campers really enjoy the environment of the overflow field.  Consistent guests may be allowed to keep their camper in the same spot for the entire season.  Storage fees are additional with this option.  Interested in this program?  Email Wayne.

How much is it to visit The Woods Campground?

We have three options for visiting The Woods Campground.
1. Booking a campsite for Overnight Camping
2. Being a guest on someone else’s campsite (transient or perm site)
3. Buying a day or night pass for a designated period of time (but never overnight)

Rates for all three options are on our website’s Rates Page

What does a Daily Pass get me?

The Woods Campground Daily Passes allow you access to everything at the resort during the daily pass period.  This is perfect for guests who live in close proximity or who have accommodations at a nearby hotel.  In order to stay overnight, you will have to upgrade your pass and settle any difference in fees based on your accommodations.  Daily pass periods are:

  • Friday or Saturday Day Pass is 10:00am to 6:00pm.  Night Pass is 6:00pm to 2:00am.  Combo pass is 10:00am to 2:00am.
  • Sunday* - Thursday Day Pass is 10:00am to 8:00pm.  * Holiday weekend Sunday’s follow the normal weekend time frames.

There is also a Seasonal Daily Pass which allows you free access during any day pass period the entire season long.

Daily pass use requires a valid Woods Campground membership.  Please visit our Rates Page for Daily Pass costs.

Can I upgrade my daily pass to an overnight stay?

Yes.  You will only be charged the difference in price.  This must be done through Guest Services because you will need a new car tag and wrist band.

What are the guidelines for overflow camping?

When all regular sites are booked, many guests camp in our overflow field.  The overflow areas do not have any amenities like electric, water, sewer, shade, a fire ring or a picnic table.  You do have access to outlets to charge your devices conveniently located on our clubhouse patio.  Also, our comfort stations are close by for toilets, hot showers and sinks for washing your utensils.  Overflow does not have fire rings, but a raised fire dish is allowed.  Bring your own or rent one from the camp store (limited supply).  For those with trailers, potable water is available on the corner of our storage building across from the flag poles.  Guests with generators must camp in a specific area where they are allowed.  Ask at Guest Services.  Your site does not have any borders.  Your camping space is whatever you need to set up your tent or trailer.  One vehicle is allowed in your camping area but on busy weekends, it may be difficult to maneuver a way out if you decide to leave camp.  Additional vehicles should park in our parking lot.  Overflow sites are priced per person which make them the most economical way to camp – especially if you’re a single guest.  Minimum night requirements are still enforced.  Overflow sites are unlimited but are chosen on a first arrive, first pick basis.

Is there access to electric in the overflow camping area?

There is limited electric in the overflow area.  There are two poles with multiple 15 amp outlets which guests can pay a fee to access.  These will not power air conditioners or heaters.  See Guest Services to arrange this electric on a first come, first served basis.
If you want to safely use a generator, we ask that you camp in a specific area.  Please ask Guest Services for direction.

Where do I park?
Each campsite has room for one vehicle.  All other vehicles should park in our parking lot.
Can I just sleep in my car?
No.  The Woods Campground does not allow overnight camping in your car if it is not outfitted with sleeping accomodations.
Are their grills at the campsites or grates on the fire rings to cook my own food?
None of our sites are equipped with a grill although we sell propane and charcoal grills in the camp store.  The fire pits are open pits although we do sell grates for them in the camp store.
What if I don’t initially know all the people who will be camping with me?
Book your site with the people who you know at that time.  Guest Services can edit your reservation by adding or deleting names but all added guests must have an account in our database.  The more information you provide prior to your arrival, the quicker check-in will be.  Communication is key.  The best way to provide this information is by emailing Guest Services.
I’m a tenter – can I reserve a site with more amenities?
The Woods Campground doesn’t restrict the type of camping equipment used on a site.  Some sites are meant for more than tent camping, but you can still book them.  On the other hand, some sites are not meant for larger RV’s.  This is all outlined on the site descriptions on our camp map page.
How do I get there if I don’t drive?

You may be able to travel to camp by bus from your area (including NYC, DC and Philly). Please visit Trailways for their schedule.  Your destination should be Lehighton, PA.  From there, you can take Carbon Taxi or Uber to the campground.  We are aware of a few Uber drivers who can be contacted directly: 484-949-5317 or 267-745-5711.  Our address is 3500 Forest Street, Lehighton, PA.

Are pets allowed at camp?

Yes.  The Woods Campground allows friendly dogs or other domestic animals but they MUST register with us. Evidence of vaccination is required. Only pets accompanying individuals having overnight accommodations are permitted to be on the property.  With the exception of legitimate service animals, pets are not allowed in the clubhouse recreation area – only by your campsite or walking with a leash. You must clean up after your pet and discard the waste in the nearest trash can. Poop bags are provided throughout camp.  Excessive barking or howling will not be tolerated. You will be held fully responsible for the action of your animal.  Pets (including emotional support animals, comfort animals and pet partners) are NOT allowed inside Cabins , Luxury Trailers or Park Model Resort Home rentals.  Legitimate service animals must be cleared through campground owners.  Penalty and FHA information can be found here and here.

What’s your cancellation and refund policy?
Please see our cancellation policy at the bottom of our Rates Page.
Can I get refunded if a family emergency or my job forces me to cancel my reservation?
We’re sorry, our cancellation policy is enforced no matter what the reason.  You may want to consider travel insurance.
Are there minimum nights required for a reservation?
Weekends require a two night stay.  Holiday weekends require a three night stay.  There is no minimum for weekday reservations.
If I cannot stay the entire weekend because I have to work, can I get a refund for the second night?
Sorry, no refunds for early departure will be given.  If there are sites available, you can book a campsite for a Saturday night earlier that same day.
How many tents or RV’s will fit on a site?
Please visit our camp map page where we list the dimensions of each camp site.
Can additional guests stay in a tent on my cabin site?
Yes, each cabin has limited yard space to erect a tent.  Only one vehicle can park at the cabin.
Do you sell alcohol?
No.  The Woods Campground is a BYOB facility.  Only guests 21 and older may responsibly consume alcohol.  In Pennsylvania, wine and spirits are sold in state owned stores and beer is sold at beverage distributors.  Guest Services can provide directions to these stores located in in Lehighton or Brodheadsville.  The closest beer distributor to camp is Beltzville Beverage.  If you’re going to Lehighton for liquor, you’ll find Dunbar Beverage on the way.  Recently, Giant Food Store started selling beer and wine in smaller quantities (6 or 12 packs).  Please note that no glass bottles or containers are allowed on the pool deck or in the hot tubs.  Overly intoxicated guests will not be tolerated and will risk being banned and arrested for their resulting behavior.
What’s your smoking policy?

Pennsylvania law doesn’t allow interior smoking (our cafe, dance club or store ).  Our outside dining area has a few non-smoking picnic tables.  Our pool deck is smoke free except in the designated smoking area to the right of the pool cabana.  Please dispose of your butts in a proper container.  At no time in any location of the entire property is it okay to flick your butt on the ground.

Are there Group Discounts?

Please visit our Group Guideline Page

Is the entire facility clothing optional or just certain areas?

The entire property is clothing optional except for the café dining room.  We ask that traditional standard nudist etiquette is followed including using towels when sitting.  Learn the property borders when hiking on our 4+ miles of trails.  Never stray off our designated hiking trails.  Trail maps are available at Guest Services.

Are there a lot of people having sex?

Public nudity doesn’t equate to sexual activity.  If that is the environment you’re seeking, The Woods Camping Resort is not for you.  Overt sexual behavior in public spaces, or the appearance of such behavior, is unacceptable.  Behavior “never needing an apology” is the norm.

Will I be welcome if I’m trans? A cross dresser? A male/female couple?

The Woods Campground is designed for the LGBTQ community and welcomes anyone with an open mind.  You’ll find other guests from every walk of life with a variety of interests.  You will quickly lose your inhibitions in our friendly environment and forget about mainstream society’s “rules.”  The only people not allowed at The Woods are bullies, fighters, immature jerks and those who get overly intoxicated (this is usually the same person).

For the answers to other questions, please visit our 
Rules and Policies Page.

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