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Information for Groups & Clubs

The Woods is a great place to bring a group of friends or members of a club. We have successfully accommodated a number of them already! Group camping is when you have 12 or more members camping together.

There are two options in regard to the camping area for your group: Standard Sites or the Overflow Field

Standard Sites

You should reserve as many sites as needed to accommodate the size of your group (some sites can accommodate three camping units). The pros of these sites are that they have useful amenities such as a picnic table, fire ring, and utilities like electric, water, sewer, and cable TV. Please refer to our site descriptions and camp map. Standard site reservations can be reserved with our online reservation system or with the help of Guest Services. The con of these sites is that depending on the weekend and your timing, you may not be able to get adjacent sites because they sell out quickly. If you really want to be together, consider our overflow field.

Overflow Field

The overflow field is a good choice for a group because you are all able to camp in the same area and arrange your site to best suit your needs. The overflow field has pros and cons. It does not have the amenities of a regular site but it’s cheaper and doesn’t have borders.

The overflow field spans the center of the camping area. There is a bathroom facility on each end so the most you’d have to walk would be about 200 yards. It’s the same distance to the pool and clubhouse area.

Although the overflow campsite does not come with a picnic table or fire ring, for large groups, we can provide 8-foot picnic tables with advance notice. Also, you are allowed to have a camp fire as long as you bring or rent a raised fire dish for your site. Our goal is to prevent random circles of black ash throughout the field. We sell firewood at our store.

Other Useful Information

  • Our rate card has an automatic discount for groups. We will come up with an average price per person to make it easier for everyone. We can incorporate the membership fee in the per person rate if it is everyone’s first visit of the season. You can collect payment from your members and pay us for everyone or we can allow your group members to pay us individually if that is more convenient. All we ask is that the entire reservation is paid in full upon the arrival of your first member.
  • It’s best to have one person organize the camping trip with The Woods staff and pass on all information to your group members.
  • We ask that only essential vehicles remain on your site (for secure storage). All other vehicles should be parked in our designated parking areas with parking permits properly displayed.
  • We always suggest your group members register themselves in our system. This speeds the check-in process.
  • If you would like to pre-arrange meals with our café, we can either set up a private lunch for your group members (burgers, hot dogs, macaroni/potato salad, chips, etc) for $10 per person, and/or arrange tickets for our breakfast buffet. Our express breakfast and brunch buffets are very popular.
  • Other special requests can be accommodated with advanced notice. Large party tents, porta-potties, large barbeque grills, or anything else from a rental facility can be ordered and organized by our Guest Services.
  • Outside excursions such as white water rafting or mountain biking can also be organized by our staff with advanced notice.

Club / Organization Event Hosting

If your group is a club or organization, you may want to consider hosting an event during your visit. Some examples are a leather club that hosts a cocktail party on leather weekend, a sports/recreation club that hosts a volleyball tournament, an exercise group that hosts a Yoga session, or a nudist group that hosts a naked gathering or hike. Just contact us to add your event to the schedule.

The Next Steps

Please let us know when your group is coming.
Approximate the size of your group and contact us with full names and contact information of your group members. The more we have ahead of time, the quicker the check-in will go.
Encourage your group members to create or update their Account in our system prior to their arrival. This will really speed up registration.
After that, we will be in contact with you to assign you a site reference number so that if your members want to call us individually with a credit card number or send in a check, we can apply payment to the correct site.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We look forward to hosting your group! Thanks for your interest!