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Volleyball at The Woods Camping Resort

Volleyball at The Woods has evolved into a social, but competitive group of campers!


LGBTQ+ Volleyball Play

The Woods has professional style sand volleyball courts for both recreational and competitive play. Pre-registration is not required.  Interested players should just arrive at the times listed below.

  • Standard beach volleyball rules will apply.
  • Competitive play teams will normally consist of 4 players and will be gender blind.  Depending on attendance, more or less players will be chosen per team.


  • Saturdays from 10am to 2pm is competitive play (BB Level).
  • Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm is more social play (B Level).
  • Recreational play is allowed at all other times.

Competitive round play normally follows a round robin format.

No registration fee is required, but all players must hold a current campground membership.

Questions?  Please contact The Woods’ Recreation Manager 

B Level - The “B” player:

  • Is still in the early learning stages of the game but knows the skills.
  • Knows how to bump, set (a little), and spike.
  • Has a lot of practice yet to go to be able to do these skills consistently.
  • Makes mistakes and can’t always direct their passes to specific players.

BB Level - The “BB” player:

  • 7/10 passes go to the person they intend.
  • May have played high school volleyball.
  • Knows about lifts/doubles, etc.
  • Understands rotational sequence, offensive concepts (i.e., 5-1, 6-2, etc.) and defensive positions but may be working to solidify those skills.
  • Knows the footwork of and how to approach hitting effectively.
  • Solid knowledge of the game and rules.
  • Skill levels range from Intermediate to Proficient.