Waiting List Acceptance

Waiting list reply form

Great news!  You’ve been offered several campsites at The Woods!  To make this process easy, please fill out all the information below and submit.

You’ll receive an email confirmation once the reservation is made.

Not sure where the sites are that are being offered?
HERE is the map of the campground and site descriptions.
Or just use the search tool on The Woods’ app.

To configure the cost of your reservation, please use our Camping Fees Calculator.

*What is Flex rate all about?

Flex Rate was developed to add flexibility to our normal cancellation policy.  The normal cancellation policy doesn’t have a refund option.  It only gives Resort Credit based on how soon the cancellation notice was given. If you choose Flex Rate with your reply, it will add a 15% premium to your camping rates but will give you the option for a no questions asked refund of the reservation payment (following the same timeline as printed below in our cancellation policy).

When you make a reservation using Flex Rate, your reservation will indicate this.  Just log into your Woods account and click “Reservations” to confirm.

Note:  Refunds will only be for your reservation payment.