Queer Liberation Retreat

Queer Liberation

Embodying your naked truth


5 day Transformative Queer/BIPOC Spiritual Retreat in the ultimate practice of Acceptance, and Letting Go of the Shit Show


This event will take place at The WOods June 11-16, 2023


A Powerful Initiation For the BIPOC/Queer Being Who…

  • Desires a life defined beyond the boxes you have been living in.
  • Seek to rewire new habits and respond to life with greater self-awareness, confidence, and creativity
  • Long for increased happiness
  • Wish to feel at home in your body by balancing your autonomic nervous system
  • Is curious about accessing and cultivating an abundant life
  • Hopes for a deeper understanding of ancestral/generational healing
  • Is eager to fully embody your most authentic and liberated self
  • Is ready to celebrate every part of yourself in a beautiful community of Queer + BIPOC Healers.

For more information, a complete schedule of events and to sign up for participation, please visit the Queer Liberation website.

Meet Your Guides

The journey towards embodying your naked truth necessitates guides who can hold you through the shadows and celebrate you in the light. Queer Liberation is brought to you by two Nonbinary/BIPOC practitioners offering deeply profound practices, and hearts full of love.


Jemarc Axinto  (they/she/he)   The Spiritual Geek

Jemarc is a radical spiritual guide, meditation teacher, ayurvedic health teacher, somatic healing coach, and Transformational Speaker trained and mentored by some of the greatest modern spiritual teachers of our era.

Miguel Angel  (he/she/they)    Shaman Papi

Born in the Caribbean and raised as a world citizen, Miguel Angel’s life mission is to guide communities back to their ancestral roots through breathwork, ecstatic dance, meditation and Hatha yoga.

Perms and Guests with their own accommodations…

Although this retreat was produced as an all inclusive event, Woods Camping Resort guests who already have accommodations at camp can take part as well.  You will still participate in all these activities:

  • 16 Ayurvedic-inspired, locally sourced vegan meals to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Daily Guided Meditations, Somatic Activated Healing, and Somatic Therapeutic Roleplay

  • In-depth wisdom workshops and interactive sessions with Jemarc Axinto and Shaman Papi

  • Guided lecture on the healing benefits of Plant medicine

  • Receive ancient wisdom rooted in Buddhism and Taino Shamanism to guide your total wellness journey, directly from your guides

  • Rest and rejuvenate like never before at The Woods and among a profound community of Queer Healers

Everyone is invited (Thurs. June 15)

Are you ready to PLAY and THRIVE!?

Come join Jemarc Axinto as they facilitate their incredibly powerful modality, The Spiritual Playground, combining play, imagination, movement, and meditation to dig deep and love every part of yourself on Thursday, June 15th, at 8:30 PM! This iconic event is being offered free with love by a profound, Trauma-Conscious, Nonbinary Coach and Spiritual Guide who is here facilitating the Queer Liberation Spiritual Wellness retreat.

This is for you if you’re eager to unapologetically live your life authentically and joyously! Come laugh, play, and share in this incredible experience!